Drug News (Medindia)

Five Swine Flu Cases in Tamil Nadu

Swine flu has surfaced even in Tamil Nadu after Maharastra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. About five swine flu cases have been confirmed in the state of Tamil Nadu,

Metformin can Now Prevent Heart Disease in Type 1 Diabetes

Heart disease can be prevented in Type 1 diabetes by using the drug metformin, which is used in Type 2 diabetes. The underlying mechanism involves the modulation of the levels of microRNAs by metformin treatment.

Here's Why Some Cancers Affect Only Young Women

Scientists have found why certain rare tumors of the ovary and pancreas, the two dissimilar organs have similar characteristics and affect mainly young women. Here's why.

Diabetes May Cause Heart Failure: Here's Why

New study sheds light on how diabetes causes heart failure. Methylglyoxal (MG) is a glycolysis byproduct which is accelerated under diabetic conditions, modifies the cardiac myofilament more in diabetic heart failure patients.