Drug News (Medindia)

Plastic Bags Can be Now Used to Create Battery Parts

Simple and relatively cheap way to turn used plastic bags into an energy-storing carbon has been discovered to fight plastic pollution. This upcycled plastic bags can be used to create battery parts.

Household Tasks: Hidden Source of Air Pollution

Cooking, cleaning and other routine household activities generate significant levels of volatile and particulate chemicals inside the average home, leading to indoor air quality levels on par with a polluted major city.

Drug to Rejuvenate Muscle Cells Developed

New study supports the development of an innovative drug treatment that has the potential to help the elderly to become fitter, faster and stronger.

Sofas Contain Toxin That Affect Kids' Brain Development

Kids living in homes with all vinyl flooring or flame-retardant chemicals in the sofa have significantly higher concentrations of potentially harmful semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in their blood or urine than kids from homes where these materials are not present.

How Breast Cancer Spreads?

A cutting-edge technique called cellular barcoding has been used to tag, track and pinpoint cells responsible for the spread of breast cancer from the main tumour into the blood and other organs.

Lazy Eye Associated With Children's Self-Perception

Researchers report that among 60 children with lazy eye, the condition was associated with lower measures of self-perception for peer acceptance and physical competence compared with 20 healthy children.

Microplastics Polluting Everything Cause Concern

Tiny fibers present in synthetic fibers such as nylon could be creating unseen plastic pollution, finds a new study. These fibers are contributing to microplastics load in the environment.